Mohair and Wool Snuggle Blankets

Everyone needs a snuggle blanket – especially one made of mohair and wool . Something you can melt into with a glass of wine during a particularly harrowing episode of Corrie. Or wrap round chilled shoulders when  reading. Or drape artistically over the end of a bed. Or cover worn-through/stained sofa-backs. Or act as a protective shield against the world when the chips are down.

Each one is different. They are made to a blend that comes together on the spot and they take up a LOT of yarn. When the wool’s run out the wool’s run out.  This accounts for the differing sizes and thicknesses of the blankets.  It also means that no two are the same so if you miss out on one then it’s gone.  On the flip-side, the one you do get is yours and no-one else’s. No-one else will have one like it.

It’s a shame you can’t plunge your hand into them via the internet and feel them. The main player in all of them is mohair. That’s the fluffy soft yarn. Then there is a sturdy back-bone of wool and then there are the much-underrated acrylics.

Designer Abigail Ahern rates them too! Check out her top picks from the fabulous Two Red Trees:

If you are interested in commissioning one of these special pieces then please contact me.

I’d probably say these weren’t suitable for very little babies as there are lots of floaty fibres and they are very heavy. (That’s a disclaimer there)

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