About Charlie Button

My mum taught me to knit, for which I am eternally grateful. However, my flourishing skills were crushed when, age 6, I proudly held up a holey strip of stripey bins ends and was told by my granny that, at my age, she’d already knitted a peacock blue dress…

I refound my lost love when, during a heavy year in Greece, I tried to find something to act as a displacement activity for an uncontrollable love of nicotine.

With no-one on hand to guide me through I created some amazing Frankenstein pieces; A sock for a one-legged giant; a scarf for said giant’s long-necked wife, and half a black jumper that was taking so long I lost the will after 2 rows..

So many of the things I wanted to do were unachievable or went drastically wrong and almost put me off. It only improved when I set my self a small project, actually made the effort to get the right needles, the right wool and follow the right pattern. And suddenly – success! I still don’t have much patience with bigger projects but maybe I’ll age into them.


Thanks to Martyn, Carly and Bev for their artistic and design contributions. Thanks to Peter for packaging solutions

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